Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Year, New School

First let me start by saying, where did the summer go?!? It went by so fast and we only did a few of the things we wanted to do. Guess we will have to push some of those plans into September/October timeframe. I don’t know who said there aren’t any bad goals only unrealistic timelines. So I guess I tried to pack a little too much into my goals for this summer, so I’ll just move the timeline to this fall. :)

As I mentioned in a previous post we have moved my daughter to one of our local charter schools, and much to my amazement the summer has nearly ended. Tonight we are going to an ice cream social at the school where we get to meet the teacher and put away her school supplies. I can only imagine the anxiety she is experiencing. This change has come with some reluctance on her part and I really can’t blame her. She had been at the same school for two years and had made lots of nice friends, and leaving those friends is a big deal. Not only is she leaving her friends, but the new school has a dress code that requires uniform type clothing. My daughter is very much about clothes and enjoys wearing all sorts on colorful tops. She is especially fond of pink and purple of which neither is an option for the new school. As we were shopping I found her several times picking up clothes only to say, “But I can’t wear it next year.” I felt a bit bad and that added to my own anxiety about this new school year.

Yes that is right, my anxiety. I wonder what the other parents will be like. I worry that she hasn’t learned enough to be successful in this new program (even though she had to pass a test before she would be placed in the school). I fear that I have made the wrong decision and that down the road in therapy somewhere she will be telling them that part of her current problems is the fact that her parents moved her to a charter school starting in 2nd grade. (It may sound irrational, but I often worry about the psychological effect I am having on my children.)
But as all this races through my head, I try to remember that I can only do what I think is best at the time with information that is available and to this moment, I still believe this is the best move for my daughter.

So here we go! Down the path of uniforms, new friends, new teachers, and new experiences. I am excited for my daughter and worried for her all at the same time. It will be what it will be and we will just roll with the punches as they go!

I hope you all had a great summer and are ready for another school year!


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