Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Preparing for the Holidays....Step One: Family Pictures

This past weekend we had the annual family picture taken. I am sure most of you moms are familiar with the event. You go clothes searching for three or four months to find the perfect set of clothes that all match and come in the appropriate sizes. Then you fret and worry about how to get everyone ready and how make sure the little ones have been napped and fed appropriately so they are happy at the time of the appointment.

For this year we decided on dark green, brown, and oatmeal for the colors. Then I decided it would be fun to put my daughter’s hair in sponge rollers so she had curly hair for the pics. Finally we had planned to have our pictures taken outside because in Colorado we have such beautiful fall colors. So the clothes and the hair worked out perfectly, but the weather did not cooperate. When I awoke Sunday morning is was cloudy and drizzly and the grayness stretched from north to south and east to west. PANIC!!! Where to take the pictures now? Luckily my mother-in-law's office has a nice waiting area with a fireplace, so we decided to go there.

Once inside and with adequate lighting we began to shoot pictures. The only problem now as my 20 month old son, even though he was appropriately napped and fed, he decided that he was NOT having his picture taken and he was "afraid" of the photographer. So we worked with him and in the end we got some good shots. And so I say "YEAH! The family pictures are done!!!".

I'm not exactly sure why I put myself through this every year? Is it just for those Christmas cards I send to everyone and their brother to show them my WONDERFUL family? Yes, I think that is it. LOL. I love sending out those cards!

So, on the long list of things to do to prepare for the holidays I have one check mark. Family pictures....CHECK!


Momma Such October 9, 2009 at 6:50 AM  

Your children are SO cute! I love this photo!

I found your blog at MBC! I am your newest follower! Feel free to stop by and sign up to win one of my free giveaways! (More coming soon!)

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