Saturday, August 15, 2009

Edmonton Travelin' Thursday (on Saturday)

I am finally back home again after a long week in Alberta Canada. I wanted to start a "Travelin' Thursday" post, but Thursday came and went before I could. Sooo, we'll make the first "Travelin' Thursday post on Friday (well I guess technically Saturday as I look at the clock and it is past midnight.)

This first post will focus on Edmonton, Alberta Canada. If you go to Edmonton you MUST go to the West Edmonton Mall. It is touted as the largest mall in North America. The mall includes a water park, amusement park, ice skating rink, a sea lion show, two miniature golf courses, and hundreds of stores. It also has its own Bourbon Street with several restaurants, and two separate food courts. I would plan at least one day at the mall if you want to actually see all the stores and experience the rides and attractions. For those of you with kids, I'd suggest the "Please Mum" store. They had some of the cutest clothes and I just loved the name of it, so clever. I also stopped by a store called I believe it was called "Homestead Creations". This is a must visit, especially if you are a dog lover. This store had hand painted and hand crafted items for just about every breed of dog and all the work is done in Canada. It was GREAT! For more information check out the website

That concludes the first Travelin' Thursday post. Let me know if you liked it and if I should continue this on Thursdays. Hope you all have a great weekend!


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